Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Transitioning to Three

A lot has changed in the one month since Cora has been born. I mean, we now have three kids and officially not enough hands. 

We had lots of friends tell us the jump to three was really hard, and some tell us that adjusting to the second child is harder than the third. We had a bit of a hard time, more emotionally than anything, after Case was born, so I had really been hoping that the transition to child number three would go easier. And, so far, it seems that adjusting to three has gone really smoothly for us. 

Grant has been working more, so we've been adjusting to him being gone in the evening. I told myself that I would get out of the house as much as possible while Cora was still little, because if I didn't adjust to toting around three children by myself while she sleeps most of the day, then I'd probably have a harder time trying to figure it out later on. So we do lots of playdates with friends and go to the park often. I've attempted a few Target runs and ran lots of errands. I've had a nerve-wrecking trip to the mall where I lost site of Rhett for a couple minutes. I found him chatting with an old lady about how he was hiding from his mom (Stinker). The poor lady seemed just as frantic as I did about him being lost! Thankfully, there have not been any other moments like that, and I have mastered (sort of, ha!) being out with all three. 

At home I have just learned to let her sleep in the back of the house so that the boys aren't poking at her constantly. Rhett really loves her and has been a big helper to me with all of the little tasks around the house, like throwing away diapers, closing doors so that Case can't destroy rooms, and helping empty the dishwasher (those are his favorite tasks, anyways). Case is a major busy body and is always pulling things out of cupboards and drawers and making a mess where you didn't think possible. I have decided that when we don't have company coming and Grant is working, I will just leave the house as is until they are in bed for the night. Gone are the days of picking up the house 15 times in a day. I would rather spend my time giggling with the boys than stressing about the house. So, I'm sorry if you stop over unannounced and our place is a wreck. That is just how its going to be until the boys are a little older and I'm getting a little more sleep, ha! 

Ultimately, adjusting to this little girl in our lives hasn't been nearly as hard as I thought it might be. We love her and couldn't imagine not having her around.

And now for some photo overload of our first month with Cora.

One of the best mommy feelings ever - holding your baby for the first time!
Melt my heart

one day old
Rhett is always snuggling her

Case is always laughing at her, kissing her, and giving her high-fives

What our family pictures will look like from now on - yikes!
Cora meeting her friend Katelyn :)
2 weeks
The boys like to "take care of" their sister

One Month - caught a half smile!

The intruder on our mini photo shoot

One Month

One Month

One Month

Rhett came running into the living room yelling "Case is a monster!" I replied, "Oh, yeah?" and Rhett yelled back "Yes, a COOKIE monster!" Then Case came running into the living room with a cookie in hand and chocolate all over his face...I'd say Rhett is right.

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  1. Sounds like a very busy home filled with giggles and drawers getting emptied. Enjoy your children and all that they do, remember all the silly moments.