Tuesday, July 31, 2012

202 Designs

I took about a six month break from selling paintings in my Etsy shop, 202 Designs, so that I could have some time to just enjoy and get used to life with Rhett. Now I'm feeling like I am back in the swing of things and looking forward to adding some new paintings and art prints to the shop! It was great to take a break, but I have missed it a little bit, too.

Looking forward to getting some new pieces in there, so keep checking back. Below are some of my favorites!

You can click the button on the right sidebar to see my shop and the paintings that are currently in there. If you visit my page feel free to pin any pieces that you like :)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

I Can't Do This

This morning Ashley Feldman, Jake Heisterkamp and I headed out to ride on a trail that none of us had ridden before.  Our ride consisted of riding the Raccoon River Trail from Waukee to Panora which was 60 miles round trip.  On the way to Panora we hauled the mail; we got there quick.  The trail was beautiful, it  was a covered by green trees, had great asphalt to ride on and when we entered Guthrie County it was paved with concrete, so it was great.

 Once we got to Panora we decided to try a local place to eat which got us to P.J's.  That place was great. We actually met the owner of 20 years and then he said that he gave the place to his nephew.  So it was great to know who we were supporting.  I will more than likely stop next time I'm passing through.

Well lunch was served and we had 30 more miles to go.  On the way back we decided to check out the small towns and just take our time.  We had a lot of fun seeing these small towns, and meeting the people.  At Redfield we stopped at the Depot, which was great; it had indoor bathrooms and cold drinks. We decided to make a memory........

After Redfield we only had one more time till home. Made it to Adel and new that we only had 8 miles left.  Wow! We all agreed that it was the toughest 8 miles we have ridden in a long time and here is why.  Small but steady hill, in the open the whole way and totally in the open to get blasted by that great head wind.  I know for me, at three miles in I was physically and mentally drained.  I honestly didn't think that I could pedal anymore.  We all get to that point and it sucks, because in your head things trickle in to make it even worse.  For me I drink more fluids, I keep adjusting on my bike whether it be how I sit, or the position that I'm riding, I'll keep switching from the drop bars to the brake hoods to just sitting up right.  It drives me nuts.  At this point I knew I only had 2 more miles to go. I had to keep telling me legs THAT I ONLY HAVE 2 MILES LEFT!!
With all that being said, it's great to have your body pushed to the limits, it just makes the next time easier(well you hope thats the case).
To sum up the day, we rode 60 miles on a new trail, beat the rain, the clouds kept us covered, so all in all it was a great ride.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

What fun

Tonight was a lot of fun.  I got the chance to go biking with a great group of friends,  Adam and his family as well as my brother Nate.  We decided to ride the scenic route on the High Trestle Trail. The pay off of this ride is the High Trestle Trail Bridge, which is an AWESOME sight to see!

Our ride started in Polk City where I got test my Yakima bike rack. We had it loaded to the max!

We also had our mini loaded! We had no open seats, but it got us there safe and sound.  We decided to drive to Slater and to start the bike ride there.  Its only 9.5 miles to the bridge, and if anyone is thinking of riding this ride its a very very flat 9.5 miles with stops along the way if you get tired or need something to eat or drink.  

As we were riding to the bridge Kristin and Rhett drove the van about a mile away from the bridge and walked out there to meet up with us.  It was awesome to see them on the bridge and then to take some fun pictures.......

Love this pic of us!
Adam and Luke having a blast

The Etherington's

The Beecher's

Nate and I (Rhett was not supposed to make this picture)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

4th of July - Family in Town

The 4th of July was a lot of fun this year. My aunt and uncle and their four kids were visiting from North Carolina, and Jonny's fiance, Anna was here as well! Mom had a lot of fun decorating and made some pretty yummy food for us all. Early that morning we went out on the boat and Rhett loved swimming in the lake. It was so great to just relax with all of the family!

Rhett is becoming our little fish! He loves the water!

Rhett had a blast watching fireworks with Grandpa

All of the Henderson kids loved holding Rhett - and they did so well with him!

Emma was daring enough to paint Grant's toes. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Okoboji Fun

Grant, Rhett and I went up to Okoboji for the weekend to visit his family and enjoy the water. I was really excited to see how Rhett liked the water - and I would say it was a success! He LOVED the pool at Bridges Bay and slept most of the time that we were out on the boat. He would wake up every once in awhile to little splashes of water, but he didn't seem to mind - it probably helped cool him off quite a bit! He had fun hanging out on the dock while we were fishing as well. I think Rhett is going to be a little outdoorsman. He seems to be much more content when we are out and about than when we are playing at home.

Grant did the The University of Okoboji Campus Ride on Saturday. He had hoped to do the 100 mile ride, but with the heat and a few problems right at the beginning he decided that 25 miles would have to be enough. I was actually kind of glad because he had a lot more time to hang out with family this way. While Grant was on the ride I was able to help paint the tree-carved pelican sitting at the end of Jane and Jeff's driveway. It actually was a fun little project - I'm always up for painting! Then, later that night we went to watch the Dualing Pianos in the green space. They were fun and entertaining - and even got Laura up on stage to do the Hokey Pokey!

It was hard to leave on Monday, and even harder to go to work on Tuesday after our fun-filled weekend.

Grant had some fun on the tube

Rhett taking a nap on the boat

Isaac showing off his fish with Grant and Jeff

Rhett rockin the sunglasses

Thanks, Jane and Jeff for all of the fun!