Saturday, April 14, 2012


Wow it has been a very long time since I have written on this blog. A lot has changed in our lives this past couple of months. Fr starters we have moved out of Ankeny and now live in a great little house just outside of Elkhart, this house has been such a blessing for Kristin and I. We now I have a lot of space that we can make our own, which Kristin loves! This past year in October Kristin and I got the amazing opportunity to take a team to South Africa for two weeks! I could write page after page about that trip, but I will wait till a later date to do that. But in one sentence I can sum it up. God is amazing!Now I'm sure if your reading this then you already know that we have a new addition to our lives, which makes us a family now! On March 8th 2012 Rhett David Etherington came into this world!! That has been life changing for Kristin and I. It's only been a month and we have learned so much. Kristin's natural mother hood has been awesome to see. She is so great with Rhett. I still feel like I have no clue to what I'm doing, so hopefully that will change. I know Kristin and I want to try to keep up on this blog this time! So keep checking back to see how Rhett is doing and to read all about our failures!