Saturday, March 16, 2013

New Season

We have had a cold and snowy past few months and yesterday (March 15, 2013) we were blessed with a 56 degree day. So, of course, we took full advantage of this.  Kristin, Rhett and I loaded up the Burley (Rhett's birthday present) and the bicycles and headed down to Gray's Lake! That first or second ride of the season is always a catch 22. It's great to get out and get some fresh air, but it stinks to get all those muscles trained again! We had a blast – we never thought that we would get soaked, but we did due to the fact that all that snow was melting and staying on the trail which left us with rooster tails all up our backs and wet feet. It was so worth it to be riding with the family.

After this ride I learned that this season I probably won't be riding as fast as I did the previous year, probably won't go on rides as long either, but I already know this season will be my favorite! I can't wait for Rhett to be able to ride with us, to see the country side, to be able to sleep in the fresh air, to be able to laugh at us riding ahead of him, there are so many memories that I hope will be formed this year.

I'm also excited to ride The Annual Mayor's ride with Kristin and Rhett. It will be awesome for them to ride side by side all the other bikers.

Here are some pics from our ride. Thank goodness the burley had a cover or Rhett would have been soaked :)