Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Grant's Biking Photos

Grant loves to bike. I do, too, but Rhett has kept me from it for a bit - so I'm slowly starting to ride again. Grant always seems to come back with some pretty neat photos so I thought I would share a few...

This is my favorite one. Grant took this one morning when he rode his bike to work.
It is the bridge at Gray's Lake.

High Tressel Trail

High Tressel Trail

Rhett - 5 months

So, I haven't done this before, but I want to start making note of the new things that Rhett is doing each month. And, I'm late in posting this by a couple weeks. Oops!

In the last month....

New Foods: Rice Cereal, Avacados and Apples

What's New: First foods on July 20th, he can hold his own bottle, he has also developed a very high pitched squeal that he does when he is happy and when he is mad (aka ALL DAY!), went to his first baseball game (Woohoo North Polk!), and has decided that none of his naps should last over an hour (Waaaaah!). Oh, and he seems so very close to sitting up on his own - guessing that will be next month!

By the way, I have started making some baby foods. You can easily save a ton of money doing this, plus it is healthier - win, win! Let me know if you have any questions on how to make some of these - it is as easy as can be!

Here are the foods I've made so far:
Green Beans
Sweet Potatoes
Butternut Squash

Planning on making some peas, pears and apricots in the near future :)

Anyways, Rhett has been sick so I haven't gotten any really good picture of him right at five months but here are some precious pictures of my little man - he's already growing up too fast!

He thinks he owns the place.

This is the only one that I have of him on the actual day he turned 5 months :)
We went out to eat at Subway downtown and happened to bump into my dad there.

Rhett - 5 1/2 Months, just started sitting up without support

Rhett and Cousin Peter
Hahaha - This shows how successful my 5 month pictures were...

Rhett and Peter again at Ellie's birthday party