Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Rhett - 6 months

New Foods: Carrots, Green beans, peaches, squash, banana and probably more that I can't remember!

What's New: Got sick for the first time (Boo! Thankfully just a cold), Sitting up without support, changed to two naps a day instead of three (surprisingly this is working so much better!!), and just started feeding him solid foods twice a day.

Here are some 6 month photos!

He loves us... Can't you tell?

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Summer Recap

This summer flew by! Here are some photos of our fun :)
My crazies came to visit me at work one day
Mowing the yard with Rhett

Adam is having a BLAST. Rhett and Luke - not so much

Hanging out and watching the Dueling Pianos in Okoboji

Grant, Nate and Mark watching state track

Grandpa Dave at the park with Rhett

Grant teaching Rhett how to change the brakes on his car

We went to the farmers market several times over the summer, one of our favorites!

Hanging out with Grandpa Dave

Rhett LOVES bathtime
He also loves eating...

Grant found this guy hanging out in our garage

Any takers?

Grant Ashley and Jake on a bike ride

Rhett loving the lake
As you can tell - most of our pictures this summer have just been of Rhett. We just can't help ourselves :)