Thursday, July 9, 2015

Where We're At

On days like today, when you hit every end of the spectrum you could imagine, sometimes you just need to write...even if its been over 2 years since you last wrote.

That's right, last time I wrote on this blog I don't believe Rhett had even turned one yet! My, how things have changed! All three kids are tucked safely away in bed now, and as I recount my day I am so thankful for the Lord and all that he has blessed me with, and taught me over these past couple years.

This morning was just a relaxing, peaceful morning with the kids. We walked to the park, stopped in to say hi to the grandparents, headed home and had lunch with Grant before he had to take off to work. Then, we took Case in for his first hair cut with Auntie Pam. The kids all did really well through all of this (although we did have to pull out a sucker and some toys for case while getting his hair cut). We came home and there started the chaos. I was planning on just feeding Cora quick, grabbing my husbands phone that he'd left behind when he went to work, and running out the door again. Instead, I dealt with three kids that all had major needs at the same time. One child was running outside screaming, mad and naked (seriously, butt naked), while another was crying as she was sitting with poop all over her and everything in her vicinity, all while the third child had climbed into the bath tub fully clothed, shoes and all.

45 minutes into this battle, when I was starting to give up hope, the tantrum suddenly stopped. We talked about how we can pray to Jesus when we are upset and need to calm down, that Jesus hears our worries and cares deeply about us, and how Jesus tells us that we need to obey our parents. I'm never quite sure what he takes away from these conversions, so my heart melted when I heard Rhett whispering a few minutes later, "Jesus, help me to be a good boy tonight." Thank you, Lord, for just the thing this mommy needed to hear.

We all recovered from that hour fairly quickly and headed in to say a quick but sweet hello to Grant during his break, and then head to a good friend's house where we were able to sit on the back deck, watch the kids play, and have some very cherished chat time together. It was like one long, giant sigh of relief that we can get through the chaos of the afternoon and still remember that it was an amazing day that the Lord had made. Ahh. That's when it hit me that I've come a lot closer to my Savior than I was just a couple years ago. Parenting through the tantrums used to leave me feeling helpless and so, so stressed. I've learned now to take a deep breath, deal with it one day at a time, and cast my burdens fully over to Christ.  Because as I told my little three year old earlier today, He cares deeply for me, and only He can calm my fears and worries.

This is the day the LORD has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24

So now, a little catch up of the crew and what we are up to:

Grant is still working with Sweet Honey and loving it. He did also start a part-time job about a month ago at Duluth Trading Company, and he has really enjoyed that as well. The part-time job was a decision we made while going through the Financial Peace University class this summer. We decided we wanted to be debt free sooner rather than later - and the best way to do that was to generate some extra income. If you've talked to Grant in the past month, you know that he loves Duluth's products and that the job has been a great fit for him.

I am staying at home with the kids and figuring out how to be in three places at once, ha! Clearly by my testament of the day, I am a work in progress. Thank you, Lord, for the glimpses of grace that you send my way each day!  I also am still doing some freelance graphic design from home, which I have really enjoyed.

Rhett is our spunky, wild, loving little boy. He thinks his baby sister is the greatest thing ever, and tells her she is beautiful all the time. He talks about thunder and skateboarding constantly. I can't get enough of his goofiness, and I love that he and Case are starting to play together more every day. Rhett is 3 years old.

Case loves all things music and dancing. He is just learning how to test the waters. He is cute and he knows it. He loves food and books, and more food. Today he had his first hair cut - Pam did such a good job with him! Case is almost 18 months old.
the before


after with Aunt Pam!

Cora is our sweet little girl. Her brothers love her so much and give her lots of kisses. She has slept well for mommy at night, but during the day wants to be held in order to stay asleep for naps. We cannot wait to see more of her personality as she grows up - it has been a fun three weeks so far!

one week old
three weeks old

And that's where we're at! Hopefully I will do a much better job keeping you all updated in the future!

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