Monday, September 5, 2011

O the good ol fair

Iowa State Fair 2011
The fair was a blast this year!  Got to the fair at 2 and left at 9....Just enough time to have some unhealthy food and do some people watching!  You really do see it all at the fair..... I think the best buy at the fair this year had to be "Bucket of Cookies" for $15.00 I couldn't believe how many cookies they could put into the bucket and the cookies were warm to boot!
We met up with Jake and Paige and had a blast just walking around and trying to guess what person or thing we would see next. Example-will you see a child in a moby wrap, excessively long goatee or a person in a wheel chair, so those are the options then you have to pick the one you think you will see first! Sounds dumb, but it was a ton of fun. Just try to think of how many different things you could do this with at the fair!
The pic i'm attaching along just shows Paige, Jake and I laughing our butts off and having a lot of fun on this roller coaster at the fair...
Well just one more year and we can do it all over again.

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