Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Not sure if everyone knows that my wife and I lead the single's ministry at our church and it's been a growing experience for the both of us.  I personally try to be an open book to these guys, I want them to see my struggles and to know that i'm a sinner.  I want them to know that I fail daily and thats not ok with me, it rips me to pieces.  On the other side of that, I want them to know that I do have victories, I have moments of triumph and I'm joyful when those things do take place.  Three years ago when I accepted Christ my life started over and I have been on this roller coaster since then.  The things that have followed since then can only be gifts from God.  I have the most amazing wife that I don't deserve, and have hurt many times with my sinful choices, and yet she still loves me with all of her heart.  I have a relationship with my family that I never had before.  My parents have always been there for me, and until three years ago I never realized that.  I was so selfish and never noticed the love that they had for me!  I feel like now I have a life worth getting up for, a life that is not about me, but rather a life hopefully for my Savior.  Living a life for Him is by no means "easy street" it's a WAR between spirit and flesh.  When I go through the day I have two choices to make, either it will benefit the kingdom, or it will push people away! I know personally that I push people away from the kingdom, by just being selfish person that this culture wants me to be!  We are to love Christ because he first loved us, for even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve and to give His life as a ransom for the many!  You and me are the "many"  and if Christ gave His life for me, then I would hope and pray that I can life my life for Him.  I think that is going to look different for everyone, but I hope that you would at least try to benefit the kingdom in your choices and to be a light in this dark and selfish world that we live.  If one man can give His life as a ransom, than I think we should be able to at least step out on a limb and just share that with the people that  we love and with the people that God has put into our lives!


  1. You know when you post a comment you have to write those squiggly letters in a box so it can't be an automatically generated comment? So on my last comment the squiggly letters that I had to fill in were "preachit". Not even kidding!