Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Today I crossed the 100 mile mark on my new bike. It was a windy ride, but other than that it was perfect out. Not hot enough to make you sweat nor was it cold enough to make it unbearable. You won't find any  complaints from me!

I rode a new trail to me. I ended up riding west on first street until I met up with JayRoss. From there we rode on first street until we ended up on the Neal Smith Trail (which was about 4 miles).  This trail was a blast. There were plenty of turns; some very tight and some you could rip around just hold on! Also, this trail has a variety of hills; some pretty steep and others you could just fly down.

During this 21.66 mile bike ride I learned something: When your riding it really doesn't matter what kind of bike your riding or who your riding with that makes the ride fun. Sometimes just being on the bike is freedom from this world that everyone needs to experience.  A freedom from a society that makes people feel horrible for just being who they are. A freedom from let downs and 'I cant's' to being able to push yourself and accomplish goals that only you can set for yourself.

It may be only two wheels to some, but for others it's an escape to this amazing freedom only you can understand when it's just you, the trail and your bike!

Pearl Izumi Quest Bib Shorts
Also, during the ride I was debuting a new item. Today I was wearing my new Pearl Izumi Quest bib shorts. They were awesome – the padding was outstanding. The fabric breathed so well and the shoulder straps didn't bother me at all. I'm totally sold on bibs! The nice thing about bibs is that with the shoulder straps holding them up the padding is always right where it needs to be. If your looking at bike shorts I would encourage you to check out a pair of bibs.

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