Sunday, March 27, 2011

Should Have Checked the Temperature

I started out wanting to ride to Woodward (22 miles away). That sounded nice. I hadn't even gotten out of Ankeny and I realized I wasn't going to ride that far. Why? Because it was FREEZING! Still wanting to get a ride in I decided to at least ride to the Oasis (8.6 miles away). I thought I was prepared for this ride; I had on 2 pairs of socks, 2 shirts, a jacket, under armor pants and wind pants, yet I was still frozen to the bone. By the time I got to the Oasis I couldn't feel my toes and my nose wouldn't stop running. I am very glad I decided to turn around at this point. After I regained feeling in my toes I decided I better get heading home. Luckily, on the way home I had the wind on my back which made it quicker, but it was still cold. Even though this ride was a very cold one it was awesome to soak in what God has created. An owl flew next to me for about two miles and I saw a few hawks and some other critters, but above all I just got to soak in some beautiful scenery.

During this ride I was testing out my new Osprey Manta Hydration Pack this pack worked awesome. With the reservoir  full, which is 100 ounces, it didn't feel heavy on my back at all. The pack had ample space for my tools, gear and food to refuel on.  The pack does a great job spreading the weight and the magnetic sternum mouth piece was fantastic. I would recommend this pack to anyone. Feel free to purchase yourself one at REI for $130. Its worth it!

I learned something on this ride, I either need to stay home when its this cold out or talk my amazing wife into letting me get some warmer clothes!


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