Monday, March 28, 2011

A Beginner with a Commuter's Heart

In the biking world I'm not sure what I would call myself. I don't race, I don't commute to work (yet) and I'm not training for anything. So, what should I call myself?

A few things about why I started biking. I was out of shape and wanted to do something. I started walking, jogging and running. During a conversation with my uncle I was informed that if I kept running by the time I was 40 my knees would be shot. With that being said, I still wanted to do something, so I started biking.

I went to my local bike shop and bought my first bike on a whim. I didn't get the best bike, I simply bought what I needed. To my surprise I fell in love. Last season I rode everywhere. I rode to coffee shops, church and on any trail that I could find. I couldn't believe I was doing something physical and actually liking it.

I was blown away at how many people biked, doesn't matter your age, size or type of bike. If you can pedal you can ride a bike. What's so awesome about biking is that it is so easy to push yourself. On my bike I rode up hills that I thought I could never accomplish, but I pushed myself and when I got to the top it was always an amazing feeling!

Even though I had just gotten into biking, I soon wanted a lighter bike and a lighter me. This winter the wife and I purchased two new bikes and we started Farrells. I've completed 11 weeks so far and have lost over 30 pounds and Kristin just started this week. With that new bike and 30 pounds lighter I feel like I move so much faster in the saddle. Again, my bike is not the best and the clothes I wear are not biking clothes, but they work. I simply want to ride any chance I get and push myself harder and faster than the previous year.

With all that being said I'm not sure what that would be called in the biking world. If I were going to call me something I think I would go with "a beginner with a commuter's heart".

I would encourage anyone reading this that doesn't ride to check out your local bike shop and test ride a bike and see what you think. I bought my first on a whim and have never looked back.

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