Sunday, July 22, 2012

What fun

Tonight was a lot of fun.  I got the chance to go biking with a great group of friends,  Adam and his family as well as my brother Nate.  We decided to ride the scenic route on the High Trestle Trail. The pay off of this ride is the High Trestle Trail Bridge, which is an AWESOME sight to see!

Our ride started in Polk City where I got test my Yakima bike rack. We had it loaded to the max!

We also had our mini loaded! We had no open seats, but it got us there safe and sound.  We decided to drive to Slater and to start the bike ride there.  Its only 9.5 miles to the bridge, and if anyone is thinking of riding this ride its a very very flat 9.5 miles with stops along the way if you get tired or need something to eat or drink.  

As we were riding to the bridge Kristin and Rhett drove the van about a mile away from the bridge and walked out there to meet up with us.  It was awesome to see them on the bridge and then to take some fun pictures.......

Love this pic of us!
Adam and Luke having a blast

The Etherington's

The Beecher's

Nate and I (Rhett was not supposed to make this picture)

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