Monday, July 9, 2012

Okoboji Fun

Grant, Rhett and I went up to Okoboji for the weekend to visit his family and enjoy the water. I was really excited to see how Rhett liked the water - and I would say it was a success! He LOVED the pool at Bridges Bay and slept most of the time that we were out on the boat. He would wake up every once in awhile to little splashes of water, but he didn't seem to mind - it probably helped cool him off quite a bit! He had fun hanging out on the dock while we were fishing as well. I think Rhett is going to be a little outdoorsman. He seems to be much more content when we are out and about than when we are playing at home.

Grant did the The University of Okoboji Campus Ride on Saturday. He had hoped to do the 100 mile ride, but with the heat and a few problems right at the beginning he decided that 25 miles would have to be enough. I was actually kind of glad because he had a lot more time to hang out with family this way. While Grant was on the ride I was able to help paint the tree-carved pelican sitting at the end of Jane and Jeff's driveway. It actually was a fun little project - I'm always up for painting! Then, later that night we went to watch the Dualing Pianos in the green space. They were fun and entertaining - and even got Laura up on stage to do the Hokey Pokey!

It was hard to leave on Monday, and even harder to go to work on Tuesday after our fun-filled weekend.

Grant had some fun on the tube

Rhett taking a nap on the boat

Isaac showing off his fish with Grant and Jeff

Rhett rockin the sunglasses

Thanks, Jane and Jeff for all of the fun!

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