Sunday, August 14, 2011

Great Saturday

What an awesome Saturday!  This day started with an adventurous ride to the Des Moines farmer's market.  You might be asking your self whats so adventurous about riding to the farmer's market.  Well the trail that we rode was flooded last year and so the city of Des Moines is re-building the bridge which means no paved trail for us (Jake Heisterkamp, Crystal Schulz and Shawn Schulz).  So after passing and disobeying the road closed signs we rode on and sure enough we came to no more paved road. Decision time! do we walk on the dirt road and hope for the best or do we turn around and admit defeat and take the detour!  We chose to walk the dirt road, which was a great choice.  Once we walked for a while we found 6th ave and just rode on that to get to the farmers market.  It was a ton of fun riding on that road through downtown.  Just a few awesome things to let you know about if you go to the market..... If you ride your bike you don't have to park it outside you can take the free valet instead and not have to worry about your bike being stolen!!!
The other diamond in the rough has to be the cinnamon rolls at Great Harvest Bread Compnay (
They are only $2.00!!! Thats right $2.00 and you won't find a deal like that anywhere else at the farmer's market!!

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