Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rhett 9 &10 Months

Time has totally gotten away from me! This is just going to have to be Rhett's monthly update, for 9 and 10 months :) I will post soon with Christmas!!

Rhett has made some major strides in the past couple of months. It was just a few days before Christmas when he mastered the art of going from laying down to sitting up. He also pulls himself up on everything and is usually happy to just stand and pound on our ottoman. The day that Rhett turned 10 months was the day that he took his first steps. Usually he gets so excited after taking a couple steps that he starts laughing and then just lunges forward hoping someone will catch him. Each day since he has gotten more and more daring, so I'm sure it won't be long before he is running! 

He has been giving me a bit of a hard time with eating. He thinks that he is 'too cool' for pureed foods most of the time, and wants to be eating finger foods - but he won't eat any veggies anymore! We have been doing our best to sneak them in there. Right now his favorite food is banana. He loves just about any fruit that we give him, thankfully!

Rhett has also learned to clap, throw his arms up when you say touch down, and when you say no he will shake his head and laugh (even when we are trying to discipline him - how can you be mad when he is smiling so cute!) He's learning all sorts of things but those are some of his favorites ;)

9 months

Sorry if you were one of those that received a slobbery present this year :)

9 months

9 months

We went on a sleigh ride for the Benjamin Christmas 

And, of course we made sure we had the loudest sleigh of them all - 
singing Christmas carols all the way.

The boys were proud of their Christmas ornaments

Rhett's first time sharing his wish list with Santa

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