Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Getaway

This summer has been so busy, yet very fun. Pretty much every weekend we have had stuff going on... Not this weekend though.
For a while Kristin and I have been planning a little weekend getaway to Minneapolis to do some much needed shopping!  This weekend finally came so we were off to Minneapolis and it was great.  Just to see a different city was great for us and the fact that it was just us two was even sweeter. Pulling into the city I got the privilege to see a Ferrari blast by us; what a work of art.  With us being early birds we left our place around 6 in the morning so we were at the Mall of America before it even opened (imagine that). So to kill the time and get us energized we, of course, grabbed some coffee at starbucks. It was the perfect fix for killing some time. Once the mall opened it was nuts to see how many different stores one place could have. Every time you turned left or right it seemed to be a different store.  The nice thing about shopping for clothes up there is you don't have to pay taxes.  After about four hours I was getting bored of the mall, so we headed out to see what else this town had to offer.
It was now time for REI.  Honestly I enjoyed REI on-line more than I did in person.  On-line you have every option that they store has and you don't ever have to deal with other customers.  I did enjoy trying stuff on so now I know what size that I need when I do order on-line.  Once we finished with REI we headed back to our awesome room at Embassy Suites, our room was the bomb!
We (or more so me) had a blast in the pool... I guess because of my AMAZING can openers in the little pool, Kristin was getting dirty looks from everyone else.... On one of my can openers Kristin said that part of the splash hit the ceiling!!!!
On Saturday morning we were again up at the crack of dawn. Our hotel breakfast didn't start til 7:30 so we decided to start off at Caribou with a nice cup of coffe and our morning devotions. Then, after breakfast we were off to hit REI and IKEA!  I will say getting to REI first thing was much better than the day before!  IKEA, I found out was not for me. I think Kristin could have spent all day there!

Once we left Minneapolis it was back home to finish our awesome getaway: we got pedicures.  They felt AWESOME after walking so much.

It was so great to just get away with my wife and just get to enjoy each other without anyone else. I would encourage any couple to do that... Even if its just a cup of coffee somewhere!!

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